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Old News

by The Lately

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Boys 03:13
I was only there for an hour I didn't even call her she told me not to bother her  And she said we were meeting her friends there I was bored and maybe sorta picked a fight with the bouncer As if it even matters Prechorus: When you want it so much You're just giving up I'm sorry if this is what love is then it's not enough Chorus: There’s no bad guys only you and I, and we just fight You know we’re only boys  avoiding lonely nights Well he’s always talking above her She covers up her phone cause her other lovers calling her And tells him she’s got plans with her mother He never even questions it, all confidence and bluster And chasing something younger Well I was only there for an hour I didn’t even bother I knew she wouldn’t answer And I ordered two more said that she’d be here Now I’m crawling to the door thinking how’d it even happen And looking for distractions
Well her momma’s gone, and her daddy’s drunk She’s dangerous, like her sister was Turn the tv on, turn the volume up And you know its wrong but you can’t stop now If its been awhile, don’t apologize See you flashing smiles, at some other guy I’m all fight or flight - a bit preoccupied And I know its wrong but I’m halfway gone with you And I know its wrong but I always come back to you Chorus: Don’t feel so bad, he don’t treat you right Circumstance be damned, why don’t you come by -  tonight  If either ask, you can just imply They can do the math, but at least you tried - to make it right Its a bad excuse, it doesn’t mean a thing I’ll be good to you if you’re alright with me Staring at my shoes like I was seventeen And I know its wrong but I know you want me to And I know its wrong but I always come back to you Watching you undress, as the room, it spins I’m as big a mess, as the one we’re in Felt every breath, meant every word I said And I know its wrong but I always come back to you
Old News 03:24
Its so meticulous the way she pulls her sleeve 'cross her wrist Like stretching fabric on a canvas Like Sisyphus or some old character from some class she missed The beauty lies in repetition  I think it's crazy I'm debating but it's all that I've got And she says 'honey wait it's all talk" And it's amazing I'm still waiting and it's taken this long Just chasing shadows on the sidewalk  I got it for you, so say what you need to say You know I got it for you, so say what you need to say She’s talking quickly, glib and witty, pulling at your lapel And begging ‘baby’ like a bombshell Says she’s leaving for the city, once her mother gets well I’m sitting shaky like a criminal Don’t know whether its the pressure or I’m ready to quit But I'm just thinking bout her mattress  I guess its better that I’ve never been a man to commit Like a revolver picking targets Chorus: You want to get high back at your apartment  Let me come by I'm just getting started Watch me get sick all over your carpet Ask me again, I’m just being honest  Why should we bother beating around it Think you’re so smart, you think that I’m heartless There’s a reason that I’m clinging from her fingertips And I don’t think that there’s a difference Not to cheapen it, I’m weak, my hearts a sinking ship I think the damage may be permanent It’s sentimental and forgetful and its mine to abuse She’s looking at me like I’m old news Any potential’s incidental, girl, I’m telling the truth Just be gentle, girl, I couldn’t help but have it for you
Early Months 03:21
There’s a reason if there ever was Best believe it if you ever want to get through A bit uneven like the early months Or like my breathing when I’m lying next to you Chorus: I find, all in all I’m not surprised It seems, that we’re defined by guarantees And promises, but I’d do it all over again You know, you can take it all, just take it slow I will leave here if thats what you want If I’m reaching then its only cause I need to If I’m dreaming, well then, thats enough To stem the bleeding, and just maybe it’ll move you
Keep on telling myself someday I’ll figure it out Instead of sitting, treading water in a dixie cup You can do anything to me that you want I’m gonna love you til i’m nothing but echoes and dust And hey, how you been, are you single yet? And did you tell all of your friends that I’m just a mess? Just tapping on the table with a cigarette When I asked you out , I didn’t expect your friends   Nice to try and let it slide And wonder why you don’t come by  Chorus: I know, I know - she’s over there with so and so and I know, she’s bored - and even if I wanted to I   Couldn’t afford -  a second chance, a second with you I know, I know - never been that good at letting go and I know, I should - have said these things awhile ago but I just gotta get it out, I’ll take my last breath thinking of you I know I’d only blow it if I tried to speak With my tongue firmly planted in the side of my cheek Its only been an hour but it feels like weeks But the seconds tower like a guillotine And hey there honey, hey baby doll Have I waited enough to maybe risk a call Yeah I know it isn’t funny, but its been awhile And I miss your laugh and waking up to your smile
Bloody Nose 03:26
Took the two last night, doesn’t matter what you’re told Doesn’t matter if its right, if her daddy doesn’t know She’s a late one And he’s a real tough talker but its all for show  I was the comeback kid with a bloody nose It was my fault And she’s not over it yet And if you want to we can bring him round the back Chorus: Its not the same, yeah I don’t need one Thats all I’m saying, she needs attention I lost my head, don’t get upset Its not the same, there’s not a question And I never got to tell you but I think you know  I would let you down if I could let you go But I’m too gone And I drink too much and I trust too slow Think too much but whats under those clothes Its a problem I’m still not over that dress Yeah I bet you we can settle this yet  Is this it?
Whats another year? Whats another year When all I can find is, all that reminds us of it Thought it’d be better here, thought I could be sincere But all the words I find all seem so contrived, I Chorus: I don’t wanna be right Cause the stories been told a thousand times Check out for awhile Cause its boring and the endings no surprise You never say where you’re going And I’m left here with the radio blaring Guess its better than knowing Cause its obvious with the dress you’re wearing Its a pretty face, and its such a shame Too busy withdrawing to notice you calling Guess I can’t explain, I guess I can’t complain I know I’m just stalling but baby I’m crawling
Sorry 03:35
Well I don't wanna know if I’ve been mistaken Don’t wanna be around if the whole thing's breaking When everybody’s is gone, everyone stops coming around   On all accounts, it got complicated You drown in the couch, as you sat and waited When it stops being fun, got the words wrong, once again Are you satisfied? Is it all you’ve dreamed? Do I cross your mind when you’re falling asleep?  Chorus: And I’m sorry, baby yeah you’d better believe me I’m hanging by string so just tell me I give up, give in, so guarantee me You’re not still wondering  You’re pressed against the windowpane and Stare southwest, where your mother’s grave is The bed’s still warm but there’s a thunderstorm outside your door Dissecting the sounds of the conversation Keeping count of every accusation Yeah I could of swore we weren’t keeping score anymore Everybody’s gone everyone stops coming around Never had a doubt, figured everyone would figure it out
Watched you as you cried at the top of the stairs I know that you deny it but the kids don’t care anymore Makeup making lines as you fix your hair Until each collide and you feel it in every pore Chorus: And you know its coming when she asks for more She’ll be lying in a towel on the bathroom floor And you know its coming, yeah she don’t fight fair From bedroom to the bottom in her underwear You know just who to blame for the last four years Can’t even say the name, it’ll linger in the back of your throat Try and stick the vein before it disappears Peeling cellophane, once familiar, now its all you know And everybody knows
She don’t believe him - she’s got her reasons, she’s always playing it cool I’m not agreeing, I’m only teasing, I’m only thinking of you Chorus: There was never a doubt, I didn’t even know how But now I’m talking about it, girl, yeah its you You were happy without it, I was never around I never said aloud, but girl, yeah its you Is it perception, or my inflection? Don’t mean to come off as cruel I’ll try to listen, I’ll pay attention, I’m always thinking of you Watch me blow it Knocked me out, you know it And if you’re leaving, give me a reason, give me a bit of the truth I’m always thinking, I’m always thinking, I’m always thinking of you
21 03:11
Bleeding through another one, I know its my fault Even if the money’s gone, you know I can’t stop Even if, even if, even if I’m wrong I’m leaving it, she’s leaving town, I know I’m no fun Always thought you’d come around, but now the light’s off I’ve figured out that hurried sound was just the needle drop And no amount, no amount, no amount’s too much Feeling like an afterthought until you get caught Chorus: The thought of leaving, thats enough The desperation turns her on The expectation never measures up Blowing up like a candy gun with the tv on Feeling like I’m twenty one, I was your age once She’s hanging on, hanging on, hanging on my arm Bite your tongue ’til you taste the blood, and your mouth is numb I’ve been around, been around, been adding it up Even if the money’s gone you know I can’t stop


Old News is The Lately’s first full-length since the indie rockers released Tiger Side Up in 2012. Like the rest of their work, Old News pops as much as it rocks, featuring sun-drenched pop songs disguised with loud guitars and louder hooks.


released August 18, 2015

Samuel James Farrell (Lead Vocals, Guitars, DM, Secret Matching)
Ryan Michael Eick (Lead Guitars, Vocals, Artistry, Hair)
Michael Henry VanSchyndel (Bass, Shenanigans, Petty Theft)
Mark Joseph Marsh (Drums, Amiability, Rebellion)

All songs written and performed by The Lately.
All lyrics written by Samuel Farrell and Ryan Eick.

Produced by Samuel Farrell and Ryan Eick. Recorded by Samuel Farrell. Mixed by Samuel Farrell and Tony Anders at Studio H. Mastered by Tony Anders at Studio H.


all rights reserved



The Lately Appleton, Wisconsin

We met at a party in Madison. People told us we looked like a band, so we started one a few days later.

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