Behind the Scenes

by The Lately

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released September 13, 2013


all rights reserved



The Lately Appleton, Wisconsin

We met at a party in Madison. People told us we looked like a band, so we started one a few days later.

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Track Name: Just The Same
Got a funny little feeling
You know its enough for me
You kick me when I'm down, love
You know how you can be
Now that you don't call me
The seasons fly on by
You know what you said
You understand
The reason why

Yeah you must of had a reason
I know you're as bad as me
Trust you far as I can throw
But it's a cripple's game
They're calling all the strikes, dear
And now its out for me
You'd think I'd care, but
I've been drinking
I cant feel a thing

She says its worse in the mornings
But she only says it in the evening
She sells convictions cause they're
Only contradictions just the same
Track Name: Take You Home
And I know
It was a waste of three whole years
Baby you act so cold
Now I feel so old
I know its been so long
Baby I use you too
Ain’t hard to do

Its four in the morning
Let me take you home
I’m sick of damn near everything
Sick of drinking alone

And I know its been so long
You know I need you too
Its sad but true
And it don’t matter any more
Track Name: Shoe Stains
Its been three drinks since I could tow the line
Slip back in the bathroom to fix your eyes
Steal another red cup and fill it up
You’re heading back to your place and ask me to come

I Feel sick don’t wanna move
Need you to take me home
Least you could do is pass the booze
And put your name in my phone
I Gotta go reach for the door
Get to the elevator
And now your friends are wearing shoes
Covered in dinner

No time to lend a hand or apologize
Safe leaning as I descend, I close my eyes
The block seems like a mile as I stumble home
Can’t even feel the cold as I walk alone
Track Name: Doing Just Fine
It all looks so nice
That I want to fuck it up
You chose the colors right
But they decided to run
It ain’t right, darlin’ it ain’t right

You locked your troubles tight
But I want to get me some
You always say you're fine
So the conversation's done
It ain’t right, darlin’ it ain’t right

And I don't care
I don't wanna meet your friend
Look at me - drunk, alone, and laughing
You don’t need a reason
I’ve got mine, enough for even falling apart
Baby, its my art

The words seemed polite
But were meant to fuck you up
You got the meanings right
But you went a bit too far
It ain’t right, darlin’ it ain’t right
Track Name: Behind The Scenes
Baby I said maybe
We can't fight this feeling, it’s the first thing
And lately I've torn myself in two
Feel it coming, feel it falling around you

I just want to talk, I just want to talk to you
I just want to talk, I just want to talk to you
And every word you say I know eventually
That honestly its all I need
To see it fall behind the scenes again

She's a lady In the mornings
She's down there making coffee, it's the little things
She's late again and her footsteps say it, too
You can feel her running, feel it all around you
Track Name: Look So Pretty
Digging though her purse to check
If she’s got any cigarettes left
She gets it from her mother
That and a couple other bad, bad habits
I want to mess you around
I want to tear you down

She don’t realize that the things she does
To ease her mind are
The things her momma tried
And they didn’t work back in ‘69
I want to ask you why
I want to see you cry

You look so pretty when you’re down
And you’re begging
Is that so wrong?
So quit debating and get on
With just living
Is that so hard?

She’s got legs that go for miles
And she uses every inch of them
And when she smiles
You know she’s off and running
I want to ask you why
I want to see you cry

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